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Huntou World Awakening Test is about to attack a new content exposure

Huntou World Awakening Test is about to attack, and the new content is exposed; free wasteland, exploring the Norin continent!

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Huntou World Awakening Test is about to attack, new content is exposed; free wasteland, exploring the Norin continent! The new and unique large 3D magic MMORPG mobile game \”Huntou World\” will be launched in the near future \” \”Wake -up test\”, the team has always maintained its original intention and insisted on creating boutiques.

The new version will provide players with many new experiences, new gameplay, new features, new mounts, new maps, new UI, etc. will be announced one by one.

Cool mounts you choose

\”Awakening Test\” version based on the original six mounts, add pandas, giant golden cows, and frost unicorn horses three. Big mounts and improved the movement speed of some mounts, bringing players a new combat experience. As our national treasure, the panda has a bamboo mouth, and the image is stubborn. On the basis of the iconic black and white hair color, the bronze armor is added, which not only cute but also adds a trace of domineering. The giant golden cow is wrapped in golden armor and a red fire, and the powerful Taurus is bound to escort your fighting. The frosty unicorn came from the ice, and the whole body exudes a light blue light. The snowflakes falling everywhere, showing unique temperament. Players who like these mounts, don’t miss the opportunity to meet it, ride a cool mount to admire the great scenery of the Norin continent, isn’t it beautiful!

In order to give players a richer PK gameplay, \”Hunting World\” will add a new discussion function on the World Channel. Players can initiate a request for discussions at the World Chat Channel anytime, anywhere, or take the initiative to accept challenges, without level restrictions, and enjoy the fun of PK. Moreover, no matter the winning or defeat, there will be no impact, the winner has no rewards, and the loser has no loss. Let the players focus on the PK itself, temper their own fighting skills, and enjoy the thrill of fighting!

] Guangming vs Darkness All is for faith

In \”Hunting World\”, players can choose the Guangming camp or the dark camp by level 20, and the new version of the new version of the camp is added to the new version -Guang Dark battle. The Battle of Light and Darkness starts for one hour every Wednesday and Sunday, killing members of the enemy camp on the battlefield to obtain the battlefield points. Those with the highest total points in the final camp can win the victory of the light and dark battle and win the event reward. The camp battle occurred on a brand new map. The two camps can be free PVP in the area. Thousands of people have the same screen PK and they fight for the faith.

[About Huntou World] 3D Western Magic Mobile Games Giant \”Huntou World\” shocked, film -level secondary picture quality, extreme visual impact sense senses The world brings a brilliant MMORPG experience. 360 -degree panoramic map, epic and magnificent plot, unlimited map adventure, multi -person interdependent experience, strong guilds benefit, even more smoothFast fighting experience.The new magic world camp confrontation, very attractive exploration driving force!

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