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Time and space hunter new character judge pk moves handsome to no friends

Arada continental \”prestigious male god\” -The new role judge of the world’s most popular fighting mobile game \”Time and Space Hunter\” has been shocked recently, not only domineering

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Arada’s \”prestigious male god\” -The new role judge of the world’s most popular fighting mobile game \”Time and Space Hunter\” has been shocked recently. The various action moves are fascinated by thousands of MM. Whether it is attack or defensive shape, it is handsome to have no friends. Let’s take a look at the new role of handsome to no friends!

Video of domineering skills display of judges:

The judge belongs to the combat style that can be far -reaching or melee, the full -time weapon is a two -handed hand Giant sword, the professional feature can cause large -scale explosive damage, causing the enemy to be knocked down in an instant. As a senior occupation in \”Time Hunter\”, judges can only be obtained through transfer, and the giant swords in their hands can be combined or split in the battle to change multiple forms.

Quickly move and wave the giant sword, cut all the targets before and after cutting, and use the skill to hit the target to trigger serious injury effects. When the judges were released, they moved forward while moving forward to wave the giant sword in their hands.

The judge showed no shadow killing, the giant sword broke out in the air, and it was split and splitted at a very fast speed. All goals. Just like there are many avatars, letting the enemy have no resistance to preparation.

The judge quickly bowed, impacted a spiral damage with sword air, and the vortex fierce gas went to form a critical strike, causing fatal damage to the enemy ahead.

The trick of violent strike is to quickly wave the giant sword, and all the goals within the range before cutting, the fast speed, the accuracy of the beheading, and the harm of the damage are staggering. Finally The trial will release the giant sword to cut forward.

This scene made many post -80s look like Saint Seiya. The judge inspires his own potential energy. Through the giant sword, he has caused a strong thunder force, causing devastating attacks. As a big move of a new character, this skill is prohibited from using in some scenes.
Unlimited combo, spike big moves, full screen gorgeous magic, with the body sensing function of smartphones, the fighting scenes and skill moves that can only appear in various arcade and stand -alone in the past are now available in \”Time Hunter\”. Perfect reproduction. Log in to the App Store to download the game immediately and feel the devastating blade of the judge!

Name: Time Hunter OLV5.1.681 Size: 882.1m Download: http://www.pc6.com/azyx/80977.html \u0026 amp;#8205;



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