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Yin Yang Shi Prajna Blood Skin Skin How much is Prajna New Skin Blood Dyed Jealous Price Details

How much is the skin of the yin and yang division, the skin is jealous, and the Yin Yang division is a very hot game. Among them, there are many cute new players who settle in. Recently, players have players

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How much is the skin of the Yin and Yang Division Prajna Blood, the Yin Yang Division is a very hot game. There are many cute new players in. Recently, some players asked Xiaobian Prajna Blood.So Xiaobian brings you how much Prajna Blood Skin Skin is. Come and see if you do n’t know!

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Prajna blood jealousy skin is expected to go online at the end of September-October, players can buy them at the skin shop.

The estimated price is about 160 skin rolls.

Prajna new skin blood dyeing price details, the editor has been shared, I hope to help you players!

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Yin Yang division type: role -playing size: 1.93g version: v1.7.44 score: 6 Star game download into the area ]

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